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Next Step ELT works to develop current and new teachers of English Language Teaching by providing internationally recognized teacher qualification programs globally. Our training is completely online. Being a much smaller school, we can provide more flexibility in our programs. Our trainers have worked on a range of externally moderated teacher qualification courses from Trinity and Cambridge at all levels of teacher development. We currently offer the Trinity CertPT which is a level 6 qualification that may help you on your teaching career as a stepping stone to Delta or the Trinity DipTESOL. 

Next Step ELT is a validated Course Provider


We run externally accredited Trinity courses. All of our courses must undergo rigorous scruitiny by Trinity to ensure quality and standards are being met. All of our Trinity courses are developed with Trinity approval and moderated regularly. Candidates on our courses can be assured they are getting high quality training and a qualification that will be recognized around the world.


All of our training courses are not only run by experienced trainers, but externally moderated.

Learn Online

Being a skilled teacher online and face-to-face is essential. Our courses train you with both.

Continuous Development

No matter where you are in your teaching career, we are here to help you for your Next Step in ELT.

Trinity CertPT (for Practicing Teachers) 2 specialisms to choose from!

10 Week Classes

This is a level-6 qualification. You’ve been teaching for a while, and you want to specialize and significantly enhance your skills as a practicing teacher. You can use this course as a stepping stone to a level-7 qualification like Delta or Trinity DipTESOL, or you can use it as a stand alone qualification.

Young Learner Courses Trinity CertPT available! More courses for YLs soon!

10 week classes

Teaching kids looks easy right? Wrong! In fact, this is a specialism. To teach children well in ELT, it is assumed you already know how to teach adults communicatively. If you’ve already got a level-5 teaching qualification like Trinity CertTESOL or the Cambridge Celta and you really want to LEVEL UP your skills with teaching children, then his is the course for you. Expectations and reflections are more rigorous than on the Trinity CertTESOL (or Cambridge Celta).

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TESOL Course (Coming Soon)

10-week Course

This course is meant to start out your teaching career. If you are serious about learning how to teach English well, but have little or no formal training with communicative language teaching, this is the course for you. This would be your first step to becoming amazing at ELT.


Why Get a Trinity Qualification?

Become a Better Teacher

You’ll be equipped with skills that allow you to thrive in many ELT contexts. You will be more reflective on what you do and be able to keep developing on your own. 

Connect with Other Teachers

After taking a Trinity qualification you will become connected to a group of like-minded teachers. You will also have access to our own network.

Pack Up and Travel

Learn how to teach online well and you can free yourself to travel the world while still making money. Many teachers and teacher trainers do just this. Learn from us.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Nothing says you are serious and professional than having a few globally recognized teacher qualifications under your belt, especially from Trinity.

Trinity CertPT

Trinity Certificate for Practicing Teachers

10-week course

2 Specialisms to choose from!

Trinity CertPT in Communicative Methods

4 September-6 November 2022 on Zoom

Sundays 2pm-5pm London Time (GMT+1)

Regular Price: $1200 USD

Grand Opening Discount: $960USD (20% off)

Trinity CertPT in Teaching Young Learners

Course Dates Coming soon!

Why take Trinity CertPT course?

You have been teaching a while and you might be thinking you should go on and take the Cambridge Delta or Trinity DipTESOL. Both courses are quite demanding in terms of reflection, awareness, and academic requirements. The Trinity CertPT can serve as a stepping stone to help bridge the gap between where you are now and getting Dip/Delta-Ready.

This qualification is both academic and practical. You will build up your ability to reflect on your teaching practice.


 Who can join? This is for teachers who have either:

  • A) at least six months of teaching experience and an initial teacher qualification like the Cambridge Celta, Trinity CertTESOL (or a local qualification that is recognized by your local government); or,
  • B) two or more years of teaching experience.

How many hours?

It’s 10 weeks long and will take at least 100 hours of your time to complete. We will arrange for at least 30 hours of guided learning through input on Zoom. It will take a minimum of 70 hours for background reading and preparation to complete the 4 assignments.

What are the assignments like?

There is no teaching practice that you need to do, but you are expected to have your own students so you can try out what you learn on the course. In fact one assignment requires you to teach your own students with materials you’ve created. There are four in total and they are 750-1000 words each. The four tasks are described below:

  • Task 1: Evaluate a classroom resource or activity;
  • Task 2: Adapt a classroom resource or activity;
  • Task 3: Create a classroom resource or activity;
  • Task 4: Use a classroom resource or activity from Task 2 or 3 and reflect

What kind of qualification is it?

You will gain a level-6 qualification that is recognized world-wide. You can then choose to stay here or continue on to DipTESOL or Delta.

 Language Requirements

Our Communicative Methods specialism requires teachers to have a C1 level of English because we will focus on preparing teachers for the level 7 DipTESOL or Delta. 

Our Teaching Young Learners specialism requires that teachers have a high B2 level of English. The assessments will be in English, but we can offer Spanish and Mandarin in the future. 

-A Different School

About Us

Next Step ELT was set up by a group of like-minded teacher trainers who wanted to find their own Next Step and take more control over how they design and set up their teacher training courses. We have had to make sense of online teacher training at all stages of their career. Our team has managed programs with multiple concurrent teacher training courses running at once. These include the Cambridge Celta, Celt-P (Primary), Celt-S (Secondary), ICELT, Trinity Cert PT, and Delta among others. You will find that our course prices are very low in the industry. Our goal is to provide affordable teacher training options for the world and keep operating costs low. We pay our trainers well, so you can be assured that you are getting a high-quality course rather than just another cookie-cutter program from a big institution.

Yeah, we are new school: we set up shop in 2022. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to train! We’ve leveled up and we can help you too!

Arthur Laing

Trainer for Trinity Cert PT, Cambridge Celta and ICELT

Bita Rezaei

Trainer for Trinity CertPT, Cambridge Celta, Train the Trainer, and Celt-P

Arthur Laing works as a freelance CELTA and in-service teacher trainer, and has substantial experience of face-to-face and online course delivery. He graduated from St. Anne’s College, Oxford University, holds a Cambridge Delta, and has been teaching and training since 2003. He has been involved with a wide range of projects, including Cambridge ICELT training in China, CELTA training globally, and the writing of  teacher training courses with content for teachers of primary, secondary and adult students. He has also contributed regular articles on teacher training for the International House Journal. Arthur’s key interests currently include reshaping the way we teach receptive skills classes, and helping teachers to promote learner engagement through the use of authentic texts.

Bita Rezaei has been active in the field of ELT for over 15 years. She holds an MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics from the University of Leicester, UK, and an MBA from Wurzburg University, Germany. She has extensive knowledge of Teacher Training and Development as well as proven experience in departmental management, including product development, quality control, business development, and staff development.

Over the years, she has helped teachers become to better versions of themselves in Canada, the USA, Armenia, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Bahrain, UAE, Italy, Greece, Iran, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and India.

Alex Walls

Trainer for Cambridge Celta, Trinity CertPT and Founder of Alex Walls ELT

Alex Walls is the Director of Studies at Windsor English Language School in Moscow, Russia, where he is responsible for managing English teachers who deliver a range of courses including general English for adults and young learners, exam preparation, and business and legal English. He graduated from Staffordshire University (UK), completed post-graduate study at Birmingham City University (UK) and holds the Cambridge Delta. Since 2013, he has worked as a teacher in four countries – Uzbekistan, China, Oman and Russia. He has presented at many conferences in Russia as well as at IATEFL in 2021 as the winner of the LAMSIG scholarship, leading to publication in IATEFL Voices (May 2022) and HLT Mag (February 2022). As a teacher, Alex favours a lexical approach and values the use of authentic materials and tasks in the classroom.

Commitment to your Development

Countries worked in


Total years of Training Experience


What Candidates Say

Sure, we’ve just set up the school, but we have lots of experience working with teachers around the world. Here are what some past candidates of ours say about our training from courses at other institutions. 

Being trained by Arthur was a rewarding experience. I was always impressed by his constructive feedback and I got a great improvement under his tutoring. Besides, his sense of humor and patience helped me to cope with the challenges along the way. I excelled myself in the course and I couldn’t have done that without Arthur’s guidance.

Vanessa Chen

Celta Pass A holder from a Celta run at another institution

I would like to express my gratitude to Arthur and Bita. Under their guidance, I completed the CELTA course with a good grade. The advice they gave me during the course were really thought-provoking. I enjoyed every minute of Arthur’s class as well as his sense of humor. Without Bita’s patience, I wouldn’t have made such great progress.

Jessie Yu

Celta Pass B holder from a Celta run at another institution

Course Dates and Fees

We will be running our first Trinity CertPT course in September!

Trinity CertPT in Communicative Methods

4 September-6 November 2022 on Zoom

Sundays 2pm-5pm London Time (GMT+1)

Regular Price: $1200 USD

Grand Opening Discount: $960USD (20% off)

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Taking a teacher qualification course is a big commitment of time and money. We want to make sure it is the right fit for you. Please feel free to contact us and ask us any questions. We will be more than happy to answer. 


How do I Apply?

All of our qualification courses required a 30-40 minute interview to make sure you are the right fit for the course. We also want to ensure you will succeed rather than simply take your money. If you are interested in taking a course, we will send you an application to complete. You will then be invited to an interview once the application has been successful. If you are interested in applying or enquiring about the courses, then go ahead and contact us by email.

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